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Saucer Shoot

Saucer Shoot snapshot

Download Saucer Shoot
(version 3.5)

Saucer Shoot is a 2d shoot 'em up where the player controls a space ship that must fight off an endless swarm of invading Saucers. Bullets and explosions provide plenty of mayhem, with a Nuke thrown in for good measure. Step-by-step instructions to make Saucer Shoot are provided in the tutorial.






Bounce - A Dragonfly Benchmark

Bounce snapshot

Download Bounce
(version 3.4)

Bounce is a benchmark designed to assess Dragonfly performance. The Bounce "game" continually creates game objects (bouncing balls) until the engine can no longer keep up. The balls move with random speeds and directions and collide with other balls. The balls are created at a rate of 1 ball per frame (so, about 30 balls per second). Bounce runs three games and then produces a final report of the average number of game objects Dragonfly can support under the tested conditions.


Camera - Demonstration of a Player-controlled View

Camera snapshot

Download Camera Mouse (version 1.6)

Download Camera Keyboard (version 1.6)

Camera is a demonstration of a player-controlled view using Dragonfly. In Camera, the player controls the view using either the arrow keys or the mouse (depending upon the version), panning the "camera" around the game world. The screen is kept within the game world boundaries and a border is drawn around the screen.

Video (Keyboard version)

Maze-craze - Demonstration of a Maze-carving Algorithm

Maze-craze snapshot

Download Maze-craze
(version 1.5)

Maze-craze is a demonstration of a maze carving algorithm that runs in Dragonfly. The carver generates the maze in a depth-first manner, producing mazes with long corridors and a low branching factor - good for many kinds of games. Maze-craze carves the maze in real-time, with an adjustable speed and a maze size determined by the font and window size. When done carving, the solution path for the maze is drawn.


Particle-demo - Demonstration of Dragonfly particle effects

Particle-demo snapshot

Download Particle-demo
(version 1.2)

Particle-demo provides a demonstration of the particle effects in Dragonfly. The interface allows for setting the particle effect types (e.g., fireworks, smoke) and particle precipitation types (e.g., snow, stars). Custom particle effects can be selected with the UI and controlled by editing the configuration file.


UTM - a simple Unit Test Manager framework

Unit Test Manager snapshot

Download UTM
(version 1.0)

UTM (Unit Test Manager) is a simple framework for unit testing Dragonfly modules and utilities. It includes an example test program that illustrates how to use UTM for some basic Dragonfly unit tests.





Planetary Defense

by Benjamin Sautermeister and Kyle Bryant

Star Wars: Trench Run

by Ryan Melville and Michael Racine

Rail Tank Saves the Day

by Sam Kodzis and Ryan Santos

Ascii Gear

by Lance Zhang and Runzie Gao


by Mark Foster and Andrew Strout

Catacomb Crawler

by Nathan Bryant and Connor Porell

Punch Bowl

by Keenan Gray and Lambert Wang

The Fish Bowl

by Hope Wallace and Kelly Zhang


by Michael Bosik and Brian Earl


by Hung Hong and Antony Qin

Graveyard Shift

by Daniel Duff and Andrew Levy

360 Gunner

by Thanh Long Vu

Stuck in Space

by Gabe Aponte and Henry Stadolnik

Stuck in Space

by Noah Darveau and Matthew Selva




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