Dragonfly  4.4
A text-based game engine
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df::GameManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

int startUp ()
bool isValid (std::string event_name) const
void shutDown ()
void run ()
void setGameOver (bool game_over=true)
bool getGameOver () const
int getFrameTime () const
int getStepCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from df::Manager
std::string getType () const
bool isStarted () const
int onEvent (const Event *p_event) const
int registerInterest (Object *p_o, std::string event_type)
int unregisterInterest (Object *p_o, std::string event_type)

Static Public Member Functions

static GameManagergetInstance ()

Private Member Functions

 GameManager ()
 GameManager (GameManager const &)
void operator= (GameManager const &)

Private Attributes

bool m_game_over
int m_frame_time
int m_step_count

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from df::Manager
void setType (std::string new_type)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

df::GameManager::GameManager ( )

Private since a singleton.

df::GameManager::GameManager ( GameManager const &  )

Don't allow copy.

Member Function Documentation

int df::GameManager::getFrameTime ( ) const

Return frame time.

Frame time is target time for each game loop, in milliseconds.

bool df::GameManager::getGameOver ( ) const

Get game over status.

static GameManager& df::GameManager::getInstance ( )

Get the singleton instance of the GameManager.

int df::GameManager::getStepCount ( ) const

Return game loop step count.

bool df::GameManager::isValid ( std::string  event_name) const

Game manager only accepts step events.

Return false if other event.

Reimplemented from df::Manager.

void df::GameManager::operator= ( GameManager const &  )

Don't allow assignment.

void df::GameManager::run ( )

Run game loop.

void df::GameManager::setGameOver ( bool  game_over = true)

Set game over status to indicated value.

If true (default), will stop game loop.

void df::GameManager::shutDown ( )

Shut down GameManager services.

Reimplemented from df::Manager.

int df::GameManager::startUp ( )

Startup all GameManager services.

Reimplemented from df::Manager.

Member Data Documentation

int df::GameManager::m_frame_time

Target time per game loop, in millisec.

bool df::GameManager::m_game_over

True -> game loop should stop.

int df::GameManager::m_step_count

Count of game loop iterations.